Belgrade Art Studio Residency

BELGRADE ART STUDIO RESIDENCY  is a non-profit  international art program designed to bring talented artists, creative practitioners, researchers and writers from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to art. Selected artists are invited to live and work in specially designed studio for a period up to 6 months. By bringing the creators of art in a unique setting the Program aims to situate art at the very heart of historical Belgrade.

Who can apply?

Residency is open to all emerging and established artists, curators and researchers or couples over the age of 18 with no limitation on artistic discipline or nationality.

Please note:

■ Artists may apply more than once every calendar year.
■ Alumni are also encouraged to apply
■ Participants are expected to be able to communicate effectively in English.
■ Due to the historic nature of our facilities, we regret that Belgrade art studio is not handicapped accessible at the present time.
■ Couples may apply together. If they are accepted, they will share the studio and facilities.
■ Every participant can bring along one family member or partner that will pay the second person fee, as well as a pet, free of charge.

To enrich the artist’s experience, it is expected that each resident will use every available opportunity, to build community and friendship, and to exchange ideas and experiences.

■  Work and living space must be properly maintained and left in the same condition in which it was found.
■  It is expected that each participant will conduct his or herself with a high level of professionalism while in residence.
■  All equipment and materials are the responsibility of the artist.
■  There is a fee for any overnight guests, based on availability. Prior approval is required.

Fee: For more information, contact us at


We offer one fellowship per year to artists and creatives of outstanding talent. A fellowship covers the full cost for a week. (travel not included).

Portfolios and manuscripts are reviewed by a panel of professionals. Applicants will be notified as to the status of their applications 3 weeks after their application. Only artists who have completed the financial assistance section of the online application will be considered for fellowship. You must submit this information at the time of application.


Our financial aid package covers up to a maximum of 40% of the cost of a residency in GRAND Studio (the total amount of our aid packages varies based on financial situation and the country applicants come from. Applicants coming from undeveloped countries can get 30% to full 40% off, others can receive up to 20% financial aid package).

Also, there is a budget PETIT studio perfect for WRITERS, CURATORS, THINKER, PHOTOGRAPHERS, DESIGNERS who do not require a separate spacious studio. 

Only artists who have completed the financial assistance section of the online application will be considered for financial aid package. You must submit this information at the time of application.

Fill out BELGRADE ART STUDIO residency Online APPLICATION FORM including:

  1. Personal data,
  2. Motivation – no more than 500 words,
  3. Current Resume (listing past exhibitions, residencies, and related experiences)
  4. an Artist statement – no more than 500words (describing your current projects and artistic process)
    1. 5 images of work (Images should be sized no larger than 5MB each) along with a list of work stating title, material,dimensions, date in pdf  format
    2. or links to 3 videos of current work (5 minutes in length or less).
    3. Writers should submit 2 writing samples of no more than 1,500 words
    4. Researchers should submit their research proposal of no more than 1,500 along with an abstract no more than 200 words
  1. preference for time of residency (please list 3 options) Residencies range from 3weeks to 6 months
  2. an artist photo
  4. Submission of applications are only accepted through online form

Deadline: Rolling – the 1st of each month
Notification of Acceptance: You will be notified via email up to 2 weeks after the application.

Website link:

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