Blu-Sky Artist Award

The Blu-Sky Artist Award (BSAA) is an online international semi-annual prize put forward by Ten Moir Gallery. Through this award, the gallery aims to recognize and encourage upcoming talented artists from across the world and provide them with a platform to showcase their work.

This award comes with an unrestricted financial reward. which allows aspiring talents to develop their skills and increase their chances of becoming successful professionally within the art field. Moreover, Ten Moir Gallery takes this award one step further by enhancing the careers of these artists through  $500 cash prize, a published interview and dedicated artist profile. 

Enter by January 31, 2024

Who can Apply?

We embrace visual art in its broadest and most inclusive sense, and are thereby able to award recognition to creators producing art of any type and working with any media. Our artist awards go beyond merely recognizing talent and serve to connect creative thinkers across the world.

Why Apply?

What sets the BSAA apart is its commitment to nurturing artists’ growth beyond financial assistance. As a recipient of the award, you’re not just receiving funds; you’re gaining a strategic partnership with Ten Moir Gallery. Our commitment extends to providing you with the tools you need to flourish. The award package includes:

(1)  Winner Receives:

  • $500 Unrestricted Grant
  • A Published Interview 
  • Dedicated Artist Profile
  • Social Media Spotlight
  • Winner’s Certificate

(10) Finalist Receives:

  • Dedicated Artist Profile
  • Social Media Spotlight
  • Finalist Certificate

Eligibility and Rules

Artists and artwork:

  • Must be 18 years of age and older at the time of submission
  •  Theme: Open
  • Open to amateur and professional artists
  •  All locations accepted
  • Must be original work of submitting artist
  • The entrant authorizes Ten Moir Gallery to publish the submission on Tenmoirgallery.Com, and on any affiliated websites and social media platforms. The submission may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes.

Entry Fees

Lower entry fees offered from the opening of the competition until November 1st, 2023

Early Bird Discount: $25 USD for 10 works 

Regular Fee: $35 USD for 10 works

(Entry fees are nonrefundable) 

Website link:

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