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An American nonprofit with a program in Italy, the Bogliasco Foundation awards one-month Fellowships to individuals of all ages and nationalities who are developing significant new work in the arts and humanities. Fellows live and work in bucolic surroundings on the coast near Genoa, where natural beauty combines with an intimate group setting to encourage inquiry and transformative exchange across all disciplines.


The Foundation welcomes applications from individuals doing creative or scholarly work in the following disciplines: archaeology, architecture, classics, dance, film/video, history, landscape architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theater, and visual arts. The Foundation awards approximately 60 Fellowships each year in seven residency periods that run from September through May.

Welcome to our 2024 Group two Fellows!

Learn more here about our current residents, as well as our recent, and upcoming Fellows in residence.

Application Portal Is Open

Our online application is open for residencies during the Spring 2025 semester. Submissions for fall 2024 are now closed.

Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded to exceptional individuals developing significant new work in all the disciplines of the arts and humanities without regard to nationality, age, race, religion, or gender.

Please note that Bogliasco Fellowships are not awarded to students currently in a degree-granting program. The Foundation gives preference to those whose applications suggest that they would be comfortable working in an intimate, international, multilingual community of scholars and artists. We are pleased to offer Special Fellowship awards, many of which include travel stipends to recipients.

The Foundation only accepts applications submitted through the online application system. To access the system, you must first register for an account here, where you will also find a list of requirements that we strongly encourage you to read before beginning your application. Once registered, you may login as needed to work on your application by clicking on the “login” button indicated to the left.

The next submission deadline is March 7th, 2024, with an extended deadline of March 14th. Please note that application fees are $30 for the regular deadline, and $45 for the extended deadline.


The following documents will be required for the application. Please note that while the Foundation also accepts certain application materials in Italian, French, and Spanish, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit documents and letters in English and to provide translations into English of excerpts of their written work.

  1. Two letters of reference, which must be uploaded directly by the referees and received by the application deadline. The third letter is now optional.
  2. A short-form curriculum vitae, no more than three pages in length.
  3. A one-page description in English of the project that the applicant would develop while at the Bogliasco Study Center.
  4. Three samples of the applicant’s work that have been published, performed, exhibited, or otherwise publicly presented during the last five years. We will accept older work samples if the applicant feels those help support the application.
  5. A two-tiered application fee payable by credit card at the end of the application process: $30 up to one week before each deadline, $45 from that date until the final deadline.


Subject to the Study Center’s availability and if requested in the application, Bogliasco Fellows may be accompanied by their spouses/partners during their stay. Spouses/partners who intend to pursue a project in one of the disciplines, and who wish to be designated as Bogliasco Fellows, must submit separate and complete applications. Although the Foundation accepts collaborative Fellowships, applicants must submit separate applications and be prepared to share living quarters and/or work space at the Study Center.


  • Children cannot be accommodated at the Study Center.
  • Overnight visits by friends, colleagues or family members are not possible.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Reapplications: There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can apply for a Bogliasco Fellowship. However, previous recipients of a Bogliasco Fellowship must wait five years before reapplying. For example, Bogliasco Fellows who were in residence during the Fall 2019 semester are eligible to reapply for Fall 2024. When equally ranked, applicants who have never received a Bogliasco Fellowship tend to be given preference over previous Bogliasco Fellows.
  • The Foundation does not allow Fellows to defer their residencies. A Fellow who turns down a Bogliasco Fellowship must reapply to be considered for another semester.
  • Our kitchen can accommodate vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free diets but is unable to meet the restrictions required by those with Celiac Disease, vegan diets, or any other regimes.
  • At the minimum, Fellows must be able to speak conversational English to communicate in this international community, where the common language is typically English.

Financial Responsibilities

Bogliasco Fellowships include full room and board and a work space. The cost of transportation to and from the Bogliasco Study Center is the responsibility of Fellows and their accompanying spouses/partners. So are all project materials and equipment, and any personal expenses incurred during the fellowship period, including medical expenses. Spouses/partners will be charged a daily fee of $35 to help defray the cost of meals and housing.


Our online application is now open for residencies during Spring 2025.

Regular deadline: March 7, 2024 ($30 application fee)

Extended deadline: March 14, 2024 ($45 application fee)

PLEASE NOTE: registration will close on March 13th, 11:59pm ET. Applicants will be notified of the results by email on or around June 14, 2024.

Applicants for Fall 2024 will be notified of the results by email around March 1, 2024.



To see the dates of the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 residency sessions, please go to the Program Overview page.

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