City of Elgin: Call for Public Art

The City of Elgin will be installing a new piece of public art in the form of kinetic art. The Call for Art is open to artists of all levels, worldwide. For more information about all of the public art initiatives in the City of Elgin, visit

The Elgin Cultural Arts Commission announces a call to artists for two murals at the Ed Shock Centre of Elgin’s Parking Deck. Up to $7,000 per piece. This parking structure is the most trafficked parking deck in downtown Elgin, IL. As the main parking facility for the Ed Shock Centre of Elgin and the Hemmens Cultural Center. Seeking proposals for 2D work suited to the location. Application is open to artists of all backgrounds and levels of accomplishment, worldwide.

No application fee.

Deadline: May 1, 2023 @ 9am.

Type to enter textPermanent additions or improvements to property or construction.

Projects must take place within the corporate city limits of Elgin and must be intended for a specific
Only one honorarium per calendar year per artist will be funded.
An artist or artist organization may act as a fiscal agent only once per year and cannot act as a fiscal agent for another artist or artist organization.
An organization cannot act as a fiscal agent for another organization that has a 501(c)3 status.
Expenditures of grant monies must occur between January 1, 2023-December 31, 2023.
It is the responsibility of the honorarium recipient to complete any and all necessary permits or applications for the City of Elgin.
If the artwork is being created specifically for the city of Elgin, the City of Elgin and the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission must be listed as the originating location. Artists must acknowledge the City of Elgin and the ECAC in all promotional materials, publicity and informational materials used. The ECAC and City of Elgin logo must be used on all appropriate materials for the funded project.
Artists must complete the proposed artwork within the timeline, budget, and feasibility plan that is proposed. A final report detailing an additional maintenance care plan is required upon completion
and installation of the artwork.
Artists must provide progress updates and images as applicable.
Artists must work directly with city staff to facilitate onsite fabrications, installation, and de-installation as necessary.
Artist must provide appropriate information for all public signage to accompany the proposed artwork for the term of installation.
Only one application per artist will be accepted.
Changes to a proposed artwork once an honorarium has been awarded will necessitate a formal written Request for Project Change as well as a revised budget. This request for change can not be guaranteed; should denial of a Request for Project Change occur, Grantee shall refund all monies received within 30 days of notice of denial.

Website link: Call for Art-2023 (

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