CultureHub Re–Fest Open Call

CultureHub seeks audio/visual submissions by creators from as many countries/cultures as possible for Re–Fest 2024, CultureHub’s annual festival. CultureHub will stitch together the submissions to create a multi-day livestream of short video artworks that will be interrupted by live segments from international producers.

The theme of Re–Fest 2024 is Re-Source which asks the question: how do we open source Re–Fest so that artists and audiences can participate from anywhere in the world? 

Video pieces can respond to the theme and the following questions: How we engage with the resources available to us, especially as they become increasingly limited which can cause division and social tension. What resources are being undervalued? How can we frame qualities like truth and kindness as resources? How do we as artists, technologists, activists, and scientists acquire and distribute social capital—the value of our relationships—in an equitable way? How can we forge unlikely partnerships across different fields to create new resources for our community?

  • Submissions should be submitted via this form
  • .MP4 or .MOV are the preferred video formats
  • Please keep video submissions under 10 minutes
  • Please submit 720p
  • Each artist is welcome to submit one video

We are seeking international submissions with this open call. Submissions from United States artists will be included if they include international collaborators. Exceptions for refugees, asylum seekers, temporary visa holders, and migrant artists who seek to represent their country of origin.


Open call submissions will be open until June 3, 2024. 
Re–Fest is going to take place in early June 2024. Exact dates TBA.

More Information: 

RE–FEST 2024

A weeklong broadcast featuring audio/visual artwork from every corner* of the earth.

CultureHub is going live for one full week with a broadcast that features audio/visual artwork by artists from as many countries/cultures⧫ as possible. This durational experiment will criss-cross the globe with a stream of short video artworks punctuated with live segments produced by international partners. Re–Fest will take place online on LiveLab Broadcaster+, an open source platform that allows artists to take over the controls, so the broadcast is not singularly controlled from one location or curated from one vision, and includes real time interactions with the audience. 

*Help us include as many countries as possible! Share the open call with friends and colleagues around the world.

⧫We recognize that how borders are drawn and countries are defined is fraught. We aim to be as inclusive as possible with the goal of including at least one work from every country.

+LiveLab Broadcaster is a low-latent and interactive broadcasting platform created by CultureHub in collaboration with NYU ITP that is going to be beta-launched at Re–Fest. 


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