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Registration to participate in FILE – International Electronic Language Festival projects in 2024 is now open. The festival seeks original works of art and educational projects (lectures and workshops) in Art and Technology, by Brazilian and international artists. Registration remains open until February 10th .

FILE is a non-profit cultural organization that propagates creation and experimentation in Art and Technology through exhibitions, events and publications over 23 years. This call opens up the opportunity to participate in the 23rd. Edition of the International Electronic Language Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the FIESP Cultural Center, in São Paulo. The selected projects will also be able to collaborate in parallel events in different states in Brazil.

Using the registration form, it is possible to send proposals for interactive installations, sound art, video art, robotics, animations, CGI videos, virtual realities, augmented realities, mobile art, games, gifs, internet art, lectures and workshops, among others .

Access the registration form.


1.1 FILE – International Electronic Language Festival – is a non-profit cultural organization that, since 2000, has promoted exhibitions, workshops and meetings that seek to investigate the appropriation of technological tools in artistic production. With annual exhibitions in São Paulo, editions in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba, as well as participation in international exhibitions, FILE is the largest electronic art event in Latin America.

1.2 The FILE 2024 Notice continues FILE’s annual selection processes, which invites artists and researchers to submit original works of art and educational projects in Art and Technology to participate in FILE exhibitions.

1.3 This call offers opportunities to participate in the 23rd Edition of the International Electronic Language Festival, which will take place at the FIESP Cultural Center, in São Paulo, during the period from July 2nd to August 25th, 2024. It also allows collaboration in parallel events to be held in different states of Brazil this year.

1.4 Furthermore, we highlight that registration for the FILE Workshop program workshops is only available to participants residing in Brazil and who are proficient in the Portuguese language. FILE Workshop aims to spread the use of technological tools as means of artistic production.

1.5 To participate in all programs, it is necessary to complete the registration form, in accordance with the General Regulations of FILE 2024. Registration is free.

This Regulation aims to select audiovisual, visual, sound and/or interactive works for exhibitions held by FILE, including, but not limited to, the 2024 edition, as well as other future editions, with the artist’s consent. In addition, selected works may also be considered for inclusion in the FILE Workshop, with due authorization from the artist. The notice is organized by FILE FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LANGUAGEM ELETRONICA, registered with the CNPJ under nº 03.659.709/0001-91 (Organizer).

2.1 These Regulations contain the terms and conditions that govern participation in FILE 2024. We recommend reading, with the utmost care, each item of the terms and conditions that follow, and their full acceptance is essential for participation in FILE exhibitions 2024.

2.2 This selection is exclusively cultural in nature, and there is no modality that involves luck.

Given the exponential expansion of supports, formats, technologies and the integration of areas of contemporary knowledge, the FILE 2024 Notice will not have specific categories. This proposal aims at the diverse inclusion of physical, digital, hybrid and interactive works of Art and Technology, as well as educational projects such as lectures and workshops. Candidates interested in specifying a category for their work must indicate it when registering.

Some possible categories for nomination are: Interactive Art: Installations; Public Art, Performances; Augmented Reality; Multi-touch tables; Digital Objects; Outdoor projections; Projects for Mobile Devices; Electronic Graffiti; Sound Performance; Sound Installations; Sound Art; Genetic Music; Biological Music; Classical Electronic Music; Pop-Electronic Music; Soundscape; Sound Robotics; Video Music; Sound Poetry; Digital Language: Digital Games; Animations; Digital Cinema; Machines; Digital Video; Digital Architecture; Digital Fashion; Digital Design; Robotics; Artificial life; Biological Art; Transgenic Art; Art Software; New Interfaces; Hypertexts; Non-Linear Itineraries; Artificial intelligence; Programming language; Digital Poetry; Digital Dance; GIF; WebGL; Virtual Realities with 3D Glasses; Educational; Workshops; Workshops; Speeches; Round tables; Others.

4.1 Registration can be made between 6:00 pm on December 12th, 2023 and February 10th, 2024 until 11:59 pm.

4.2 Only registrations made online through the official FILE 2024 website will be accepted: OPEN CALL

4.3 Each participant may send up to 3 proposals for work that has been carried out in the last 3 years (2021, 2022, 2023). In case of duplicate works, the last submission will be considered valid.

4.4 To register, it is necessary to complete and send the complete Registration Form online, being certain that late registrations and/or supplementary registrations that have been sent incompletely and/or incorrectly will not be accepted.

4.5 The Registration Form is intended for registering only one work or educational project at a time. If you wish to submit more than one work or educational project, please fill out a new form for each submission.

4.6 The registration deadline cannot be extended, and participants are advised to register well in advance.

4.7 The participation of people under 18 (eighteen) years of age is permitted, however, at the time of classification, legal guardians will be asked to authorize the participation, use of the work, image and voice sound of the person selected in this condition, under penalty of disqualification.

5.1 All works must be available in full for online consultation via video. In the case of video and/or audio works, a link to download the file must be provided, as specified in item 5.3. In the specific case of work carried out for the internet, the online address of the work must be indicated.

5.1.1 All work and corresponding materials for dissemination, including the technical rider, must be shared via an open access link, which can be on Google Drive, One Drive or iCloud, in the respective field of the Registration Form. It is important to note that expired links or links with closed access will result in disqualification of the entry. Regarding the access period, it can be stipulated according to the dynamics of the festival, with the possibility of limiting the period to be defined together with the artists.

5.2 Copies of the works (hereinafter referred to as “works”) must be sent to the Organizer.

5.3 In the case of video and music works, through a download link that must be indicated in the Registration Form, observing the following rules:

The. Materials must be sent in the following formats: WMV/WMA, MOV, MPG/MPEG, AVI or MP4.

5.7 At the time of registration and in the respective field of the Registration Form, descriptive documentation of the work (min. 200 and max. 500 characters) must be sent, as well as the biography of the participant, group and other collaborators (min. 200 and max 400 characters).

5.8 In the case of Installations, Performances and Public Art Projects, a Technical Rider must be sent in the respective field of the Registration Form, that is, a PDF with a detailed description of the work, information on the necessary equipment, space requirements physical form, form of interaction (if any), a link to a video demonstrating the work, the role of visitors in relation to the interaction interface, any illustrations or sketches, transportation needs and other details that are important for understanding the proposal in its entirety.

5.9 A PDF document must be sent containing specifications for assembly, maintenance and disassembly of the work, as well as the use of objects and equipment loaned by the participant to the festival.

5.10 The Organizer is responsible for: assembling the work together with the artist and its technical specifications sent a priori to the festival production team; for dismantling in the absence of the artist using a detailed technical guide; and for the return of objects and equipment loaned by the artist upon prior sending of instructions and a list of specific detailed items. Such instructions are essential and the full responsibility of the artists. The festival is exempt from any problems resulting from your absence.

5.11 In the Registration Form, a link to Google Drive, One Drive or iCloud must be provided, as specified in item 5.1.1, in which high-resolution images of the submitted work will be available for download. Images must meet the following specifications:

The. Horizontal (16 : 9): 1280 × 720 pixels/cm

B. Vertical (5 : 7): 1811 x 2560 pixels/cm

w. Images must be in TIFF or JPEG format and have a resolution of 300 dpi. These images will be used to publicize the work, and the Organizer is not responsible for their reproduction in festival publications. If it is necessary to credit the images to someone, such credits must be specified by the participant in the Credits/Remarks field at the time of registration.

5.12 Exclusively sound works must be sent in full via an online link in the respective field of the Registration Form.

5.13 If the work is interactive, a video must be available online that exemplifies the interactive interface of the work.

5.14 In the case of FILE Oficina/WORKSHOP: The participant must fill in the URL field to download the work/presentation with a link to the file including the complete description of the proposal (hours, program content, among others).

5.15 Works that contain dialogues or written texts must be sent accompanied by a complete transcription in the original language, for translation. If there is a previous version of the dialogues in Portuguese or English, they must also be made available to guarantee the accessibility of the work.

6.1 The participant authorizes the Organizer to display the works registered at the time of sending the Registration Form at its events.

6.2 In case of work carried out by more than one person, only one person will be responsible for the Registration Form. The other members and/or collaborators must be indicated in the respective field of the Registration Form, as well as the name of the group and their respective biographies. The Organizer is not responsible for including in its exhibition and/or publications data that has not been provided in the Registration Form by the responsible participant.

7.1 The works will be analyzed by an internal evaluation committee, which will select the works that will be part of the FILE 2024 exhibition.

7.2 Notification about the selection will be made by the Organizer to each participant individually, via the organization’s official email, as well as any subsequent contact.

Participants hereby authorize the Organizer, free of charge, definitively, universally and irrevocably, to use the works produced by them for the purposes of participating in FILE 2024.

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