GENERATOR #11 – Call for applications

Initiated and carried out by 40mcube, in partnership with the company Self Signal, GENERATOR selects four visual artists each year, who have graduated for at least two years**, and gives them the means to fully focus on their artistic practice for a period of seven months.
GENERATOR selects two to four curators each year for a one-month prospecting trip in Brittany.

GENERATOR offers individualized support, a collective studio, financing and privileged meetings with contemporary art professionals in France and abroad.

You want to be part of GENERATOR #11 2024-2025?
Please find opposite all the informations in the call for application. You can also download the call for application here.

Submission deadline: March 24, 2024, 12 pm
Artists: October 7, 2024 – April 30, 2025
Curators: March 3, 2025 – March 28, 2025

*GENERATOR is a certifying professional training program. The competencies delivered within GENERATOR are registered in the Specific Register under the title “Managing your activity as a visual artist”. Specific Register Code: RS6179. Certifier: 40mcube. Date of registry: December 14, 2022. See detailed information on the dedicated page.

**GENERATOR is open to visual artists at the start of their career, who are French nationals or have been resident in France for more than five years, and are registered as artist-authors with the social security authorities, in all techniques, with no geographical or age limits. Artists may have studied at a fine arts school (DNSEP) or university (Master’s degree), or be self-taught, provided they can demonstrate professional experience in contemporary art (at least 3 exhibitions in French or European cultural structures or galleries). Access to certification is only possible on completion of the GENERATOR training program.

Professional training for visual artists

Program period From October 7nd, 2024 to April 30th, 2025: The artists are expected to stay in Rennes for the entire training period, i.e. 7 months. A few days’ absence for artistic and professional projects may be accepted by the program organisers.


  • Individualized support in the development of the artists’ work.
  • Technical support in the production of works.
  • Networking with companies.
  • Critical advice by professionals: artists, theorists, directors of institutions, critics,
    exhibition curators, gallery owners, etc.
  • Proposals for various professional experiences : workshop, conference,
    exhibition set up, etc.
  • Administrative, legal and accounting training.
  • Research time. Artists can use the collection of the Archives de la critique d’art,
    the documentation of Frac Bretagne, the library of the Université Rennes 2 and
    the library of the European School of Art in Brittany, in particular

Allowance and support:

  • Internship gratification: 5000 euros (before taxes)
  • Production costs: 2500 euros (upon presentation of invoices)
  • Workshop and equipped collective production platform.

Candidates must send

1. Portfolio with Curriculum Vitae: Exhibition catalogues may be included in the artistic portfolio.
The videos must be visible on the Internet via Vimeo or another similar platform.
2. Cover letter including a research proposal, outlining their plans for the program. This proposal does not have to be definitive and can change during the course of the program.
3. Signed letter indicating the candidate’s availability for the entire program period, i.e. 7 months.

Sending the application form Documents must be sent by e-mail only, in a single PDF file containing all elements. To help them manage your application, please name the PDF file containing
the elements as follows : «NOM_prenom_generator11_candidature_artiste». Please send your application by we transfer to the following address: Deadline : March 24th, 2024 – midnight. There is no charge for submitting applications.

International residency for curators

Residency period: One month : March 3th to March 28th, 2025


  • Meetings with professionals from the artistic scene in Brittany : artists, critics, curators, etc.
  • Research time. The curators can use the collection of the Archives de la critique d’art, the documentation of Frac Bretagne, the library of the University of Rennes 2 and the library of the European School of Art in Brittany

Allowance and support:

  • Research allowance: 2000 euros (before taxes)
  • Transport from and to the usual place of residence (by plane or train)
  • Providing accommodation
  • Providing a workspace with an Internet connection

Candidates must send:

1. Presentation of the research: Catalogs and other texts may be included in the file.
2. Covering letter

All documents must be sent by e-mail only, in a single PDF file that gathers all the elements. In order to enable the proper management of your application, you should name your PDF file as follow: «LASTNAME_firstname_generator11_application_curators». Your file must be sent with wetransfer to this address: Deadline: March 24th, 2024 – midnight. There is no charge for submitting applications.

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