Globus Call: Nordisk Kulturfond Residency

Globus Call Nordisk Kulturfond Residency

The existence of independent and flexible funding possibilities becomes even more vital in turbulent times. When the world is in turmoil, we need the perspective of art and culture on where we are going. With Globus Call, we therefore give artists and cultural actors the opportunity to engage in transnational and long-term collaborations and networks that extend beyond the Nordic region.

Globus Call: across cultural, geographical and disciplinary boundaries

The ability of art and culture to look beyond fixed categories, and to build and sustain links across the boundaries of different contexts, is now more relevant – and challenged – than ever before. In a time of growing inequality, geopolitical conflict, community disruption and an escalating climate crisis, a new and more nuanced approach is required to how we support the work of cultural actors. That’s why we created Globus Call. The goal is unashamedly ambitious: to boost the transformative potential of the arts and culture in societies and communities.

Experiments are met with confidence and a willingness to take risks

Through Globus Call, we support artistic and cultural collaborations which in their practice aim to break down traditional barriers and work across cultural, social, historical, geographical or professional boundaries. The programme encourages the building of cross-cutting collaborations and networks that seek new perspectives and develop dialogue across contexts.

The programme is open to projects that work with experimental approaches and methods, and which strive to explore interactions between the local and the global. The intention is to meet artists in the contexts and positions in which they find themselves, and to support them with trust and a willingness to take risks.

The maximum amount that can be granted is DKK 700,000. Please note that projects at last year’s Call on average were supported with approx. DKK 350,000 DKK.

The projects must be rooted in artistic and/or cultural milieux, but may draw upon other professional fields and traditions.

The Nordic in Globus

Through Globus, the Fund wishes to develop a wider and more inclusive understanding of the idea of working Nordicly. Here, the Nordic is defined not as a collaboration between nation states, but as an idea or context that is not bound by national borders, and which can be explored through artistic and cultural encounters in and around the world.

The projects must have a clear link to and/or relationship with the Nordic region in terms of partners, themes or activities, but must not solely be capable of being developed within the Nordic countries themselves. Projects that operate exclusively in the Nordic region are not therefore eligible for funding under the programme. Unlike the Fund’s other programmes, Project Funding and Opstart, there is no requirement for co-operation between the Nordic countries.

Please note that projects which meet the assessment criteria of the Fund’s other programmes are not generally eligible for Globus funding. This applies, for example, to projects that focus primarily on activities or the development of co-operation within the Nordic region.

Nordic relevance through networking and exchanges

As part of Globus, we facilitate a network between those projects that have received funding through the programme. This includes the development of structures and online forums for further knowledge exchange between the partners involved, and between individual projects and the Foundation.

Via this network, we explore a new form of Nordic relevance in collaboration with the specific projects, rather than focusing exclusively on specific requirements for broad Nordic collaboration in the individual initiatives.

Projects that receive funding are expected to participate in network meetings and knowledge-sharing sessions during the funding period.

Globus Call is part of the Fund’s thematic initiative Globus

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Funding principles

Projects will be assessed upon the following principles, which reflect the overall aims of the Globus programme:

Exploring global practice

Understood as the ambition of the project, and means to:

  • develop collaborations that transcend bounded categories between countries and disciplines
  • address themes/approaches which require long-term development
  • orientate towards, or draw from specific local practices and contexts while acknowledging their entanglements with their wider surroundings on a local, regional, global or planetary scale.

Curiosity towards the unknown

Seen as the ways in which the project:

  • demonstrate a tangible idea and vision for the overall project
  • possess an ambition to observe from alternative positions and points of view
  • operate with exploratory/research based approaches in their artistic development, to acquire knowledge, build collaborations and nuance the work to changing environments.

Mutual commitment & engagement

The aims and means of the applicant to:

  • form strong collaborations and networks based on mutual commitment and engagement among partners
  • develop or facilitate clear and sustainable structures and project organizations which enable and depend on the specific qualifications of the involved partners.

Priority will be given to projects which can demonstrate a concrete aim for long-term effects that go beyond the grant period.

Remember to submit your application before September 15, 2023!

Website link: Globus Call | Funding Programmes | Nordic Culture Fund (

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