Ibsen-themed public artwork in Skien, Norway

Ibsen-themed public artwork in Skien, Norway

The Ibsen project in public space. 
Skien municipality and the Telemark Canal Culture and Nature Park invite artists and creative professionals to an open call for applications for a major Ibsen-themed project in central Skien. The project will be part of the Stories of the Waterways project, which aims to draw attention to places along the historic Telemark Canal that connects Skien to inland Telemark. 

Perspective and reflection. Already as a young child, Henrik Ibsen understood that everything changes when new perspectives are taken. In his plays and texts, Ibsen was very interested in changing perspective and alluded frequently to vertical movements and to seeing things either from above or from other angles.  

2028 marks the bicentennial of the birth of Skien’s great playwright Henrik Ibsen.
Skien municipality is a central stakeholder in the work on organizing a major national and international event: Ibsen 2028. In conjunction with the Ibsen bicentennial, the new Ibsenbiblioteket library and the Sølvåren cultural centre are set to be finished by 2028. The Ibsen-themed art project will stand on its own, but will definitely also point forwards both to the commemorative events in 2028 and to the road beyond.
Skien municipality has a great belief in an extensive commitment to Ibsen, where the potential for value creation lies primarily in offering a wide range of experiences inspired by Ibsen and his plays to a large, diverse public.  

The Telemark Canal Nature and Culture Park and Skien municipality wish to realize a major outdoor project as part of the work leading up to the Ibsen bicentennial in 2028. The aim is to make people more aware of and interested in Ibsen’s artistic contributions to critical thinking and reflection. Upholding personal liberty and a space for free expression is a continuously ongoing task. 

We aim to get hold of the most exciting proposals by organizing an open call where we invite a broad range of artists, architects, designers, and other creative professionals.

Practical information 
Applications should only include a brief letter of motivation (max 1 page), a CV/résumé, and a portfolio, presented together as a single PDF. Three applicants will be selected and granted NOK 75,000 each to develop their proposals in a closed competition. One of these three proposals will thereafter be chosen in order to realize this extensive project. The budget for the realization will follow the project’s ambitions.  

The application deadline is May 31st 2023. 

Contact us: Ibsen.formidlingssenter@skien.kommune.no 

Website link: Sølvåren (solvaren.no)

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