InkWellness Writing Contest

InkWellness is for everyone. Trauma, depression, anxiety, and stress are not localized to any specific group or situation.

Everyone deserves a safe way to express their experiences and discover new understandings and insights into themselves to begin to heal.

Creative writing is a way to gain perspective on situations and emotions by channeling those same situations and emotions into characters and stories. This can enable one to process these struggles, and hopefully find closure and peace.

By contributing and sharing your story with others, you can become a part of a community where every voice is heard and amplified by creativity.

If this interests you, consider submitting a piece (or more) to our first InkWellness published compilation!

Submission Fee: FREE

Submission Limit (per applicant): 5

Word Limit (per submission): Varies

This contest is intended to get participants thinking about exploring themselves and their feelings through the written word.

While this project is open in its form, there are some basic formatting choices you should follow. Please choose from the list which best suits your project:

  • Two/One-Sentence Story (50 word max)
  • Poem (200 word max)
  • Micro-Fiction (500 word max)
  • Flash Fiction (1,000 word max)
  • Short Story (3,000 word max)

Deadline: 17 November 2023

Website link: InkWellness Writing Contest (

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