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Isla de Crear is a creative centre, combining a range of different disciplines in order to explore creating and crafting in a new method, away from commercial constraints or industry guidelines, based on the principles of the Fantasism manifesto.

The centre is located in Úbeda, in the Jaén region of Andalusia, southern Spain, where the sun is out 300 days of the year, in the middle of the Sea of Olives, with no neighbours for miles, but we are by a main road (so it can get noisy sometimes), just
outside Úbeda, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to a buzzing community of artisan craftspeople and a lot of cultural events.

The residency call out
For our new call-out, we are looking for artists, craftspeople, thinkers and creatives from all different fields to explore the theme:


We are purposefully keeping the theme as broad as possible, and encourage you to think as tangentially as possible. 

Duration of residency
4 weeks / 6 weeks / 8 weeks
We have 5 starting dates:
14 April (4, 6, 8 weeks)
28 April (4 and 6 weeks only) 12 May (4 weeks only)
18 August (4 or 6 weeks only) 1 September (4 weeks only)
In your application please state which is your preferred starting date and if you would like to do 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

We offer all creatives a private en-suite bedroom (with a toilet and shower), with a shared living space, which includes: a kitchen, a large living room, laundry facilities  a library and several indoor and outdoor working spaces. 

Do note that there is no public transport available between the centre and Úbeda, but we do offer regular rides to town for shopping and there is a taxi service available.

We are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and only ask that you have a keen interest in pro-actively seeking the strange and unique connections, through interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

Studio / Workspace
We offer 8 different work spaces, a 50 sqm dance studio with a wooden floor, which can be used for rehearsals, a 300 sqm workshop space with machinery, some materials that can be repurposed, access to an office and supplies, a library, outside spaces, adorable animals and our support and advice.

We also have a wood workshop and metal welding area. The machinery can only be used by people with the relevant experience at dedicated hours.

Fees and support
€227.27 per week + VAT ( total of €250) – minimum 4 weeks.
This fee goes towards running costs of the property, utilities (Wi-Fi, water, electricity, cleaning supplies, etc…), upkeep of the facilities, administrative tasks, and consultations. The fee also covers a pick-up and drop-up from Úbeda bus stop, or Ubeda/Linares train stations.

Creatives should cover the participation fee, their travel costs, daily expenses, and cost of production of personal works beyond basic supplies provided by the residency. We can help with an acceptance letter for any funding applications that the creatives apply for, but we can not help with visa applications.

Expectations towards the artist
The aim of the residency is to investigate new forms of working and to create outside of the artists’ comfort zones. We want creatives to explore, experiment, take risks, and the focus should be on experimentation and not on results. 
For that reason IDC, does not offer an exhibition/performance at the end of the process.

Application information:

1. Please fill in this basic questionnaire
2. We would like an example that shows your work and answers the following questions:

  • What project do you want to undertake?
  • Who are you? What do you do? What have you done? What do you want to do in future?
  • Why us? And what do you expect from us?

You can send your application to – or get in touch if you wish to submit in any other method.

We will not respond to incomplete applications.
​The application is free of charge and should be completed in English.

Terms and Conditions

Living arrangements 
All participants will have their own private en-suite bedroom (with a toilet and shower), in a shared property. There are plenty of spaces both indoors and out to create and be inspired. All activities will be arranged with the other creatives and the team that lives in the property. Creatives are also required to adhere to cleanliness and behave in a courteous and non-discriminative fashion. 

Selected creatives will be required to pay a deposit of €300 within 10 days of acceptance, to secure their place.  This deposit will be returned at the end of the residency, upon inspection of the room, assuming there were no damages. In case of cancellation of the residency, this deposit will not be refunded. All online payments must be done via bank transfers to an EU account, Wise or PayPal. 

Residency Period and Transportation 
The residency period is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. The residency can help with organising creatives’ travels and arrivals per request, but all expenses are the sole responsibility of the creative. 

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