Last Ship, Khajuraho Residency

Last Ship, Khajuraho Residency

The Last Ship residency program is a one-of-a-kind experience of a history, nature and culture, as described above, and artists whose development would benefit the most from this experience are selected for the program. The best time of year to participate are from October to March, when the weather is good. Applications are accepted for all periods though, since sometimes artists willing to endure the heat and/or rain can be accepted for the other parts of the year.

Applications are now being accepted for 6-8 week period residencies from October 2023 to March 2024.

About the residency

The new Last Ship residencies are opportunities for the experiencing the heartland of ancient India, in a unique, small, and intense region that is probably the only place in India that has prehistoric and historic sites showing the evolution and links from the Mesolithic through the golden age of the Indian civilisation all the way to the present.

This is the region between the UNESCO World Heritage site Khajuraho, and Kalinjar, a yet unknown hill, fort and temple, roughly at a distance of 134 kms.

Because of being cutoff from the the progress and urbanisation that is sweeping across the rest of India, this region has kept a lot of its natural and archaeological beauty and ecosystems intact. But this is fast changing. The relentless march of the changes India is now going through, with its complex political and ideological shifts, is altering this landscape. The next few years offer the best opportunity to experience many disappearing intangible treasures. Whilst this is all happening, Last Ship, with its Kalinjara-Khajuraho Project, is working hard with volunteer archaeologists, historians, and friends to conserve and protect as much of the region’s heritage as it can.

In the small town of Khajuraho that was thrust onto the world stage with the discovery of its temples, Last Ship brings art to spark new questions and thought processes for Khajuraho’s inhabitants, and to hopefully make them more aware of its treasures and how to care for and make the best of them.

Above all, with the artists residency, Last Ship seeks to draw attention of the global community to the Khajuraho – Kalinjar region so as to make its administration realise the potential of its heritage and take steps to protect, develop and showcase this regions beauty.


Residency features

The residency at Last Ship does not ask for a tangible outcome from the artist. The artist can choose to create work or not, or may spend time in contemplation, research, exploration without tangible results. What is expected is respect for Last Ship, and some degree of participation and engagement with its community, as much as the artists personal space and own rules of engagement permit.

Artists in the residency are not expected to directly contribute or be a part of Last Ship’s conservation and social work. However, a sensitivity towards it is required.

  • Khajuraho is also a religious site for Hindus, and a popular venue for their weddings. Hence there is a lot of sound of prayers and/or music in the outdoors, often at odd hours. Sound and other stimuli are part of the experience of visiting India, and artists are advised to be prepared for this.
  • Selected artists will have to bear the costs of their travel to and from Khajuraho, and of their work material and production costs as applicable. No stipend will be provided.
  • The costs of accommodation, food and local travel will be borne by Last Ship.
  • Artists will be required to stay with Last Ship at any of its spaces within the Khajuraho-Kalinjar region for the whole agreed duration of their residency, and not be permitted to travel outside unless required for work or an emergency.

Each artist will be provided

  • A private furnished studio with a work sink and toilet, fully accessible 24/7, at Last Ship, less than 20 meters away from and in front of the 999 AD Viswanath Temple. The studios are part of the Last Ship space, along with a shared study/library, and other guest accommodations. They are also suited for sleeping over, with a couch/bed, and food available.
  • All day food and drink from our on-site outdoor/indoor restaurant, coffeeshop and bakery.
  • A private 105 sqmt furnished independent 3-room, 2 bathroom house with a shared fully equipped kitchen and dining space, 5 minutes from the studios.
  • A bicycle, and shared use of a car and driver, coordinated with other artists/guests (usually 2-3 others).
  • The most experienced guides and archaeologists who have done their life’s work in and for this region, and are now our core members, to guide, support and be resources.
  • A dedicated artist page on Last Ship’s website.


Application procedure

Applications should be emailed to They should include the following:

  1. An artist’s statement describing your work and motivations.
  2. Images of recent work, or extracts from video and/or other media, with captions.
  3. A CV/Resume.
  4. A statement describing your plans if offered the residency. These plans can be changed during the course of the residency.
  5. Any other relevant documentation.
  6. A cover sheet with name, contact address, email and telephone numbers, along with the preferred date of arrival in Khajuraho for the start of residency, and confirmation that you will stay in Khajuraho for the duration agreed upon for your residency.

Selected artists will be notified by email. We are unable to reply individually to other applicants.

Deadlines for application: Sep 15, Oct 15 and Nov 30 respectively

Website link:


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