Le Phare à Lucioles Residency in France

The company Le Phare à Lucioles welcomes artists and/or researchers from all disciplines into its own workplace for a period of research, writing, rehearsal and creative work.

IMPORTANT: This year, we are innovating again by offering several types of residence: SOLO / GROUP / FAMILY / TEAM / EMERGENCE. All the details can be found in the call for applications which you can download below.


A place open to all contemporary practices,the m![lieu] offers work, writing and researchspaces to professional and/or emergentsartists for residencies of 5 to 20 days.

Artists benefit from a workspace equipped as far as possible according to their needs. The Cie team (technicalmanagement, administration, mediation) supports the artists in their work and intheir relationships with residents. The artists are housed in single room in an apartment located just above the workspaces. Each artist receives a residency grant of €80 per day of presence including all travel and food costs. Depending on the origin of the artists, partial coverage of approach costs may.

These residencies are intended for professional artists who wish to work on research, composition, writing orthe development of a new work. Artists will have access to a work platform equipped with a Steinway D grandconcert piano or to the ‘visual arts’ platform for visual artists. Several solo artists can be hosted at the sametime but each will have their own room and their own work area.

Website link: https://pharealucioles.org/residences-milieu/

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