MCC Art Gallery Open Call for proposals

We are seeking proposals from students, faculty, independent curators, artist-curators, curatorial teams, and non-profit arts and culture organizations for the 2022-23 exhibition season at MCC Art Gallery. We strive to bring innovative and high-quality programming that represents a wide variety of mediums and subject matter. Interdisciplinary curatorial projects that bring together multiple departments and/or organizations are also welcome. Selected proposals should reflect MCC Art Gallery’s educational goals.

Submissions must consider spatial constraints, context and audiences to have the best chance for success. Projects designed to stimulate ideas and dialogue are encouraged. Group exhibitions are more likely to be accepted than solo exhibitions. Group exhibitions help the gallery engage diverse audiences and provide more cross-curriculum learning opportunities for students. Solo artists can still apply, but may be considered as part of other exhibitions as well as individually. Tips for writing a successful application include: 

  • Incomplete proposals may not receive a response.
  • Make sure the photographs that you submit as artwork examples are in focus, well-lit and with a plain background.
  • Usually proposals are considered for the following calendar year, and in some cases two years out.

Curatorial Proposal Review Process: The MCC Art Gallery Curatorial Committee reviews proposals. The committee consists of professionals representing a broad experience in visual arts, new media, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, higher-learning, museum and cultural institutions. Proposal criteria include:

  • A clearly articulated curatorial statement which outlines what the exhibit intends to explore
  • Images of artwork that demonstrate artistic merit and reflect the interests represented by the curatorial statement
  • The proposal explains how it will meet educational goals and the mission of the gallery (listed on the MCC website)
  • The material is suitability for venue and a college level audience

Art Department Curriculum Overview: Our art classes teach concepts and techniques in a variety of different areas, including art history, foundation studies, 2D & 3D, ceramics, digital arts, design, drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. Our goal is to teach students how to create and present art and design that is technically sound, conceptually rich, and visually compelling. Our program emphasizes creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

About MCC Art Gallery: Located on Mesa Community College’s Southern and Dobson campus, MCC Art Gallery is an educational exhibition space that embraces the dynamic and multidisciplinary nature of contemporary visual culture. MCC Art Gallery offers community members, students, and educators a vibrant space for interaction, reflection, experimentation, and dialogue. If selected, applicant(s) will be expected to work with gallery staff to develop:

  • Educational Materials: interpretive text panels, interactive media, signage or other in-gallery materials.
  • Public Programming: public programs or educational activities that pair with the exhibition (guest lectures, artist talks, workshops, etc.)
  • Exhibition Budget: MCC Art Gallery provides the venue and context for curatorial proposals. Projects are supported with limited, eligible expenses that may include: marketing and advertising, assistance with press release, design and production of printed and digital postcards and posters, equipment and supplies to support exhibition needs, installation assistance, documentation and loan agreements, costs related to academic events supporting the exhibition or a hosted exhibition reception.
  • Primary applicant will sign a guest curator contract under which they are obligated to maintain museum standards of ethics and conduct. Upon signing, the curator will make any conflict of interest known to MCC Art Gallery.

Questions? Primary Staff Contact: Grant Vetter, Coordinator of MCC Art Gallery (480)-461-7294

Deadline to Apply: Sunday, July 17 at 11.59pm

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