MESH Art Fair for 3D, Metaverse & VR Creators

MESH is the art fair for 3D, metaverse and VR creators. We connect the world’s leading 3D artists with galleries, creative studios and collectors.

MESH is entirely virtual to showcase new forms of experiential art. MESH Edition 1.0 opens in Decentraland, July 2023

MESH Edition 1.0 will open in the Decentraland metaverse in July 2023. The fair will be a highlight of Metaverse Art Week 2023, the annual showcase of immersive creativity.

This year’s theme is ‘Low Poly, High Art’.

Forty (40) selected artists will receive a 12 x 12m virtual cube in Decentraland to fill with their own MESH installation. You can find more details at

MESH Curation Panel 2023

MESH artists are selected by an invited panel of future-focused galleries, curators and art collectors:

  • Kate Vass, Founder, Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich
  • Alex Estorick, Editor-in-Chief, Right Click Save, Contributing Editor, Flash Art
  • Lynn Rosenberger, Co-founder and curator of The NFT Gallery, London and New York
  • Edward Zipco, Founder, Superchief Gallery NFT, New York and Los Angeles
  • Anesti Dhima, collector, investor, advisor Art Asylum Gallery
  • Danielle King, Artist, curator, collector
  • Richard Entrup, collector, investor, web3/Metaverse/GenAI advisor, ex-Christie’s, Disney, and MoMA
  • Quirarte + Ornelas, artists and curators
  • OMZ, collector, founder,
  • Belle NFTs, Head of Curation, NFTGirl Collection, collector, co-founder, XYZ News
  • Johnny Dean Mann, Co-editor,, representative @1of1xtz events
  • Michael Beets, Founder and director of the art experience Here & Now

Who can enter? 

Artists and 3D design studios from anywhere in the world may enter.

How much does it cost to enter? 

The entry fee for artists is 5 Euros, and for 3D studios 49 Euros. This allows us to waive the fee for artists experiencing financial hardship. Please contact us to request this support.

What kind of art is eligible?

Artists are free to fill their MESH cube with any style of art or installation. However artists must be able to work within the 3D requirements of Decentraland, a low poly environment. This year’s theme is “Low Poly, High Art”.

What are the 3D requirements?

Your cube and artworks must fit within:

  • 10,000 triangles
  • 20 materials
  • 10 textures
  • 300 bodies

Do I need to have designed my cube before I apply?

No, for your application you will be asked to submit 3-5 images from your current portfolio, and a short proposal on how you would fill your MESH cube. You can find inspiration in the MESH Artist Guide.

How easy is it to design for Decentraland?

You can design most easily for Decentraland in Blender, as work must be exported in the .glb file format.

If you have any previous experience with 3D design tools, you will find both Blender and Decentraland to be intuitive to learn. If you are selected, the MESH team will support you throughout your design process.

What are the submission categories?

Although MESH is open to all art styles, there are three special categories:

  • AI and Generative

Curator Kate Vass will select up to three artists or studios using AI or generative art in their practice. Selected artists may also be invited to mint on the Kate Vass Galerie curated platorm, K011.

  • Tezos Artists

Curators Johnny Dean Mann and Quirate + Ornelas will select up to six artists who have previously minted on the Tezos blockchain.

  • Innovation

The six most innovative MESH submissions will also be shown in a physical exhibition. This will be held at NFT Show Europe, 14-15 July 2023.

Submissions Close

01 Jun 2023

For more information visit

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