NEU WORKSHOP Funded Residency

Starting in September we are offering a funded (1.200€) 6 week residency program in our studio to a total of 3 young / emerging / aspiring artists / creatives.  

As a self funded / financed initiative we want to provide access to often scarce and expensive resources and  collectively form a new independent offering as an alternative to institutional residencies or scholarships. 

By providing free working space, as well as access to all material and immaterial resources the workshop has to offer, this initiative is aimed at supporting candidates from all backgrounds and disciplines, hoping to enable them to research, experiment, learn and share.

As all our endeavors the residency project is a process not a result. We will be continuously re-evaluating how our support structures can provide the most value.


Candidates will receive a working budget of 800,00€ + 400,00€ accommodation support (if applicable) at the start of the residency. The residency program will end in a presentation of the produced works in the form of a public event and / or exhibition (including production and technical support, as well as professional documentation in image and / or video). A separate budget (up to 400,00€ – amount to be specified depending on requirements) for the presentation will be provided. We are completely self funded and do not receive any government funds. 

Budget Gesamt (3 pax)5.000,00€
Working Budget 800,00€2.400,00€
Accommodation Support400,00€1.200,00€
Exhibition Budget (incl. print documentation / publication)400,00€1.200,00€
Other Expenses200,00€


NEU WORKSHOP is a 250 sqm ground floor space located centrally in Munich (near Goetheplatz). It offers different media workspaces, tools and a support structure for production: 

– High end photography & video camera equipment (Canon, Pentax, Blackmagic, Arri, Dji, Sony)

– Various lighting & studio equipment (Aputure, Arri, Manfrotto, Avenger) 

– (Negative) scanning (Epson, Canon)

– Fine art photography printing up to A2 (Canon)

– Working stations for photography & video editing (Apple M1 iMacs, Full Adobe Creative Cloud, Davinci Resolve)

– Working stations for music production (Ableton 12, Reason 12)

– Screen printing ()

– Workshop (Festool – workbench, sawing, cutting, drilling, etc.)

– Sewing (Pfaff, Bernina)

– Exhibition & installation equipment (Monitors, Beamers, Mounting, Lighting, )

– Library (w. > 350 publications on art, design, literature, )

– International community of > 30 young creatives from various backgrounds, disciplines, institutions 


We will choose candidates based on their portfolios / ongoing research / concepts / planned projects. You explicitly do not need a glossy portfolio with lots of finished works in order to apply. Please send an email to with:

– Brief introduction to yourself (artist statement, manifesto), your work, your links (website, instagram, etc.).

– A pdf representing your work (can be a current portfolio or something made specifically for this).

– Pdf proposal / rough outline of what you would like to research and work on during the residency.

Applicants must be physically present in Munich during the program. 

Knowledge of spoken German or English is essential. 

We unfortunately cannot offer accommodation

Open Call Post / Start: Application Period:27.05.
End Application Period:23.06.
Selection of Applicants:30.06.
Start of Residency:02.09.
End of Residency:13.10.

(Exhibition period of 1-2 weeks towards the end of the residency time frame)


Who can apply?

The residency is not restricted to a specific group or category, which means everyone can apply. You do not need to be enrolled at a university. You do not need a certain type or amount of references. You do not have to be based in Munich and we explicitly want to invite candidates from other cities, too.

Who will choose the residents? 

A jury of 5 people from the NEU WORKSHOP / JETZT  team will choose the candidates (Hanne Kaunicnik, Rosa Luckow, Casper von Bülow, Lara Fritz, Christoph Schaller) 

What contact information do I need to provide?

Please provide your email address and link(s) to your social media/website.

Will you offer feedback?

We will reply to every email we receive but we will not offer feedback on your work.


NEU WORKSHOP is a community and non-profit multi use project space for research and experimentation. By sharing material and immaterial resources, we aim to create an environment that encourages new voices and ideas, amplifies innovative and investigative approaches, and stimulates inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration. We are constantly re-evaluating how these support structures can provide a framework for ongoing collective experimentation, research, sharing and learning to connect practical, theoretical, cultural and social ambitions that resonate within and outside the art context. The physical space of the workshop allows for a variety of usage scenarios. The office is equipped with multiple working stations for photography & video editing, photography (negative) scanning, as well as large format photography printing. The studio offers equipment for photography and video, exhibitions and installations, music production, screen printing, sewing and more. Furthermore the space provides the conditions for exhibitions, installations, performances, mediation- and education projects, photo and video productions, workshops, presentations or temporary stores.

How is NEU WORKSHOP positioned in the context of art? Are you a gallery?

While our space offers the conditions for exhibitions, installations and performances we do not consider NEU WORKSHOP to be a gallery but more of a process oriented space where works can also be displayed.

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Event Details
  • Start Date
    June 1, 2024 8:00 am
  • End Date
    June 23, 2024 12:00 am
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Event Details
  • Start Date
    June 1, 2024 8:00 am
  • End Date
    June 23, 2024 12:00 am
  • Status
  • Location
  • Category