OFFCITY AiR Call for Residency Programme for Artists, Architects and Theorists

Open call for artists, architects, theorists or creative and interdisciplinary collectives.

Through the residency program, we want to support at least 3 artists, architects, theorists or creative and interdisciplinary collectives (the number of supported projects will depend on the complexity of the project and our financial possibilities).

The participants of the residency program are invited to explore the city and articulate its architecture from various positions. We are thus following up on a series of residencies, during which we focused on the topic of reading public space in 2022 and 2023. Together with the participants in OFFCITY AiR, we examined the public space of Pardubice from the point of view of visual smog, graffiti, personal stories, or timetables and trajectories of the city’s public transport; we used the language of contemporary visual and performance art as well as theory.

Selected projects will receive a fee depending on the length of stay (1,200 CZK/person/day), a residential studio for 1-3 weeks (the stay can be divided) and – if necessary – further consultations, networking with local cultural projects, organisations and artists.


OFFCITY is an independent platform based in Pardubice, Czech Republic. It works with a theme of a city as a structure and a living organism, it explores different views of the city, it introduces to the public various forms of artistic and architectural expression, it shows them how to perceive art and culture as an integral part of our natural and social environment.

OFFCITY organises lectures, workshops, art events in public space, etc. It opens up and keeps a public dialogue on issues concerning arts in public space, architecture, urban space etc. We have been organising a creative residency program since 2016. Our aim is to open interdisciplinary, interregional and international cooperation.


  • an opportunity to slow down, experiment, research, concentrate and network
  • accommodation and a workspace for 1–3 weeks (the residential studio is suitable for individuals, but it can also accommodate smaller collectives who are used to coexistence)
  • friendly environment, production support and consultation
  • fee in the amount of 1200 CZK/person/day
  • other possible costs may be the subject of further agreement

There is no separate reimbursement for travel expenses. .


  • September 2024 – June 2025 (by the mutual agreement)


  • active participation in the program, open communication
  • understanding and respect for the place, its human or in-human inhabitants and users
  • realisation of one public presentation (during the residency or other agreed)


  • The application deadline is April 30, 2024.
  • The results of the open call will be announced by May 31, 2024.


Please, fill in the application form either in Czech or in English.

  • Attach your CV and portfolio (selection of projects, max. 5 A4, pdf, or link to online portfolio).

Please get in touch via with any questions.

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