Onassis AiR Open Call

Grounding its mission in supporting artistic research while addressing the current urgencies of its artistic community, Onassis AiR announces its new Open Call.

Onassis AiR invites artists, curators, designers, dance and theater makers, chefs, activists, writers, educators, performers, architects, creative coders, filmmakers, and other practitioners from any discipline, from anywhere in the world to apply for their selected program strand that will take place in Athens, Greece, between September 2024 to July 2025.

Apply here to join the Onassis AiR Community

Submission deadline: March 4, 2024. To apply, you must first create a personal account in the Onassis Directory.

Onassis AiR is dedicated to fostering artistic process by providing space and time to arts professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, enabling them to delve deeper into their practice without the pressure of presenting a final work. It operates as a mycelium, an embodied lab, a networked program that supports artistic experimentation, practices of speculation and non-linear storytelling, peer-to-peer interconnection, and experiential knowledge sharing. Different expressions of this network are presented in various formats and venues throughout the year within the Onassis ecosystem and beyond.

By bringing together creative practitioners from different strands of life and practice through its various programs, Onassis AiR has become a meeting point for cross-disciplinary thinking and exchange of ideas, bringing forward themes that concern us today, always in dialogue with the city we live in and the ever-evolving world around us.

For the season of 2024/25, Onassis AiR expands its reach and opens its doors to a wider community of artists by offering opportunities on three different strands:

The Onassis AiR Extended Research Residencies

The Onassis AiR Extended Research Residencies is a program of individual artistic residencies, each lasting for up to three months. It is addressed to creative practitioners from all disciplines who are yearning for space, focused time, and stimulating conversations that can help to kick off, further develop, or finalize a project. We invite those who are interested in engaging with the locale of Athens and are open to moments of exchange and collective research and study. Onassis AiR offers the tools and a robust support network for each project to thrive and expand across diverse mediums as well as explore production possibilities.

The total number of Onassis AiR Extended Research Residencies that will be awarded for the period of September 2024 to July 2025 is twenty-four. Participants will receive an artist’s fee of 1300 euros per month and a total research budget of 1000 euros that can be used to cover any research and production expenses for the duration of the program (materials, equipment, travel expenses, fees to third parties, etc.).

The Onassis AiR Dramaturgy Fellowships

For the very first time, Onassis AiR invites artists to apply through an Open Call for a three-month Dramaturgy Fellowship for research and development of new performance-based works. We welcome applications from creators and collectives who operate in the expanded field of dramaturgy in theater, dance, music, performance, visual arts, and their hybrid intersections. It is for those who wish to submit their proposals for the development of a new project that comprises an original creation that has never been presented before.

For the season 2024/25, Onassis AiR will offer four Dramaturgy Fellowships, each lasting three months. The selected participants will receive an artist’s fee of 1300 euros per month, a research & development budget of 1000 euros (that can be used for any research expenses, field trips, fees to collaborators, etc.), as well as additional guidance and dedicated mentoring for the development of their work.

The Onassis AiR/ONX Fellowships

The Onassis AiR/ONX Fellowships inaugurate the Onassis ONX program, a global New Media program that aims to explore different aspects of the post-digital world. We welcome projects that emerge at the intersections of culture, technology, and human experience, explore alternative possibilities, question established boundaries, reimagine history, and challenge dominant narratives. We are interested in technology both as a medium and a theme, with a key focus on the ways in which it challenges existing notions of subjectivity, public and private institutions, identity, and the commons. We invite creators to apply for a two-month Onassis AiR/ONX Fellowship with proposals that make use of one or more of the following media and technologies: artificial intelligence, XR/ VR/ AR and analog immersive experiences, games, spatial computing, hardware sculptures, zombie technologies, and robots.

If you have general questions about the application or anything regarding the program during the time that the Open Call online platform is open, please email air@onassis.org. All applications must be submitted by March 4th, 2024, at 12:00 pm, noon (UTC+2).

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:
— Relevance and urgency of your proposed project
— Solid conceptual framework of the project
— Onassis AiR being a suitable environment for your project to flourish
— Awareness of the context of Athens and the wider region in which the city is situated

In the online application form, applicants are asked to provide:
— Contact Information
— Personal details
— Proposed title of the project
— Biography in a narrative form (approx. 200 words)
— Logline / Brief summary of their proposal (up to 50 words)
— CV/Resume as a PDF attachment (2-page limit)
— Two work samples that are relevant to the application as a PDF attachment (5-page or 50MB limit)
— Selection of the strand they wish to apply for:
A. Onassis AiR Extended Research Residency
B. Onassis AiR Dramaturgy Fellowship
C. Onassis AiR / ONX Fellowship
— Selection of the preferred period for their
a. September 2024-November 2024
b. February 2025-April 2025
c. May 2025-July 2025

Application form link

Website link: https://www.onassis.org/open-calls?page=2

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