Prisma Art Prize

Prisma Art Prize is an art contest born to promote emerging painters and visual artists. As our name and logo suggests, we want to be a prism that refracts all the possible outcomes of the painting process. What we want is to answer a fundamental question in the current artistic context: what does painting mean today? At the base of our project, there is the constant and inclusive research and enhancement of artists from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

A selection of some of the finalist works, selected by the Artistic Director and the Curator in October 2024, will be part of a collective exhibition in Rome at Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Brancaccio, in December 2024 and will be published in the Exhibition’s Catalogue. The staff will contact the artists to help organizing the logistics of the exhibition, including round trip
transportation and insurance of the works. All the costs related to the exhibition of the work will be at the expense and care of the artists, including but not limited to customs, delivery, packaging and transportation of the artworks. The participating artists have the possibility to put the work on sale at the exhibition for our visiting collectors. Sales conditions will be discussed before the opening with the property of Contemporary Cluster. In case of a sale, Contemporary Cluster will contact the artist to sign a sale contract and will manage the entire sale procedure.

To the winner of each quarterly edition, selected among the finalist works: €500 cash prize;
To one of the finalist artworks: Viviva Colors prize, offered by our partner Viviva Colors, which consists in a Personalized Gift Pack;
To one of the finalist artworks: DailyLazy Award, which consists in an interview with the winning artist published on their website.
An open number of finalists artists will exhibith in the collective exhibition at Contemporary Cluster and will be featured in the 4th year Catalogue.

Entry fee is 29 euros (for 1-3 paintings). You can submit up to 5 additional works at a price of 5 euros per piece.

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