Rijksakademie Residency 2024/2025

Between 1 September and 1 October 2023, interested artists can apply for the Rijksakademie residency that starts September 2024.

Application deadline: 1 October (23:59 hours CET), 2023

The Rijksakademie offers a two-year international residency programme to around fifty artists that provides space for research, experiment and production of new work.

Residents are supported with a studio, a work budget and a stipend and can seek advice from leading art professionals from a wide variety of cultural and creative backgrounds. In addition there is a rich research and production infrastructure, consisting of various technical workshops operated by specialists, a library and a historical and contemporary art collection.

Within the interdisciplinary environment of the Rijksakademie there is complete freedom in research and working methods.

The Rijksakademie welcomes applications from artists to develop their work over one or two-year periods in Amsterdam.

The Rijksakademie houses a highly international, multi-disciplinary, experimental and critically engaged artist community. Residents are supported with a studio, a work budget and a stipend and benefit from an array of opportunities for exchange, including peer to peer dialogue and visits from a wide range of leading art professionals. They have access to technical workshops as well as an extensive library and a historical collection. There is guidance by technical specialists, who foster hands-on, innovative and collaborative approaches to making.

We offer residencies with the goal of providing space for research, reflection, experiment and exchange. Every year we select on average 22 artists for a residency, and most of the artists stay for two years, so the total community consists of about 45 artists. Half of the group is from the Netherlands, the other half from all around the world.

As an artist, you are ready to make the most of these resources. You are open to developing and challenging yourself, to working alongside positions that are vastly different from your own, and being part of a community. Spending up to two years in residence, you enter into an open-ended process where you can deepen your practices, and explore new territories, in and beyond the art field.

We are seeking residents for the period September 2024 – August 2025, with the possibility of staying one year more. You can apply by completing the online application form on our website between 1 September [00:00 hours CET] and 1 October [23:59 hours CET], 2023

The Rijksakademie residency is open to visual artists from all countries and all disciplines.

Website link: https://rijksakademie.nl/en/residency-apply/apply

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