Roundtable is a peer-mentored and self-directed experimental artist residency program, with an emphasis on emerging artists. Formerly hosted at The Dragon Academy in Toronto, Roundtable is currently operating as an entirely online residency. The primary goal of the residency is to assist artists in the development of their practice, and to facilitate collaborations among artists and other practitioners with disparate methodologies and experiences. To this end the residency provides collaborative programming; critiques and constructive feedback from members of the arts community in Toronto; workshops and other skill/community-building events; and unique peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities.

Each year selected artists work both individually and collaboratively to develop distinct, well-rounded artistic works and projects throughout the course of the program; engaging with that years theme in the way most befitting their own practice. This culminates in an online exhibition of finished works, works-in-progress, and other experimental outcomes of the residency.

Roundtable embraces the experimental nature of peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and the possibilities of chance occurrences that happen when new voices get together. Artists are encouraged to be ambitious, to work experimentally and collaboratively, and to connect with the other participants of The Roundtable Residency and broader arts community through workshops, critiques, discussion groups and public exhibition. The outcomes of these activities are open to the public, in the hope of furthering artistic discourse and creating new avenues of exposure for emerging practitioners.

For more information about getting involved with Roundtable, or for how to apply to be a Resident, please see the Calls + News section below or contact us directly.

Calls + News

Our 2023 Call for Residents is now open. Use the Online Application Form to apply now, or to find the full details for the call.

This is an open call to artists, writers, and all other creative individuals that wish to take part in the 2023 Remote Residency.


Emerging and pre-emerging artists and other creative practitioners

Those working within both online-friendly (New Media, web art, audio/visual, etc.) and more traditional mediums (such as sculpture, performance, painting, and so on)

Those interested in taking on the challenges posed by a Remote Residency

Those who enjoy feedback from their peers and wish to collaborate with artists and other creatives in varying disciplines

Anyone whose work or practice resonates with the theme of PASSAGES, taking as expansive an interpretation of that theme as possible.

Residency Dates: August 18 – September 29, 2023

Application Due Date: May 19, 2023

Website link: Roundtable (

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