Starving Artist Exhibition Open Call

The Starving Artist invite artists from around the globe to submit their work for an upcoming exhibition titled ‘The End Times’. This exhibition seeks to delve into the multifaceted concept of the apocalypse, examining its implications, causes, and aftermath through the lens of artistic expression.

Artistic mediums

Artists are encouraged to explore diverse artistic mediums, that can be displayed in a 2D Gallery Space including but not limited to:

Painting, drawing, and illustration, Sculpture and installation (Images of work), Photography and digital art, Mixed media and collage, Performance and interactive art, Video art and animation

No AI Generated Content


Locations: Global submissions welcomed
Ages: Open to artists of all 18+ due to sensitive topics
Number of works: Each artist may submit up to 10 pieces

Please apply here

Google Form:

Submission Deadline: Aug 30, 2024

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There is no submission fee and no participation fee as we firmly believe in providing an accessible platform for artists to share their voices and stories.

The concept of the apocalypse resonates deeply within our collective consciousness, symbolizing both ultimate destruction and profound transformation. By exploring apocalyptic themes, we confront our deepest fears, our hopes for survival, and the potential for rebirth and renewal. This exhibition aims to provide a platform for artists to interpret and respond to the idea of the apocalypse, fostering a dialogue about its significance in our past, present, and future.

Themes to explore

Visions of destruction

Artworks that depict the catastrophic events and scenarios that could lead to the end of the world, exploring the causes and immediate impact of such disasters.

Survival and resilience

Pieces that highlight the human spirit’s capacity to endure and adapt in the face of apocalyptic challenges, focusing on stories of survival and resilience.

What is a modern apocalypse

Creative representations of the world after an apocalyptic event, imagining the new realities, altered landscapes, and societal changes that might emerge.

Mythologies and revival

Works that draw from religious, cultural, and historical narratives about the apocalypse, interpreting regeneration, hope, and the potential for a new beginning.

The world will not end with a bang, or a boom but at the hands of those who think they know best…

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