SWARM MAG started and continues as a platform for showcasing and supporting all things fresh, uncanny, and exciting so fashion designers, photographers, painters or other visual artists, performers, writers, conceptualists, musicians and many more are heartily invited to share their work with us.

We’re excited to announce SWARM Mag’s fourth thematic OPEN CALL for 2023.


With the first tendrils of autumn, we are once again on the lookout for submissions and contributions to our established art & culture online magazine.

Just like most of the wild plant and fungi world, we too feel the need to burrow, relax and reflect when the nights start to grow longer. We delve under the surface, look for the core of what truly sustains us, so we can survive the winter. Our new theme explores the profound connection between art and the fundamental elements of nature. For us, roots symbolise not only the physical anchors seeking sustenance but also the deep-seated ideas and concepts that underlie artistic expression. Embracing the beauty in the unseen and what is considered “ugliness”. We seek to connect with the basic colours and components of the often overlooked soil. Sow the seeds of aesthetic directions and wait for them to sprout. To shape the clay of our ideas like a golem into a unified, functional whole, emphasizing common ground and shared experiences as vital elements for artistic growth and survival.
If these words and concepts reflect your art, we are looking just for you and your submissions.

We focus on the current artistic scene of Central and Eastern Europe but submissions from all European countries are welcome. If you would like to get involved or featured, read our brief guidelines and get in touch through the form below.



/ The presentation of your project(s) or artwork(s) sent to us must contain at least 6 samples or pictures of your work. Regarding video art, footage(s) must be uploaded on an accessible platform and sent only via URLs. PDF or text files may contain links. /

/ The application form below only allows attachments of up to 20 MB. We will contact you for web-ready quality if we select your work to be featured. /

/ Always send submissions crediting all who contributed, including social media handles. /

/ Writers must be fluent in written English, Czech or Slovak language. /

Please, use the form below to submit your work. Submissions sent via other means or not sticking to the abovementioned guidelines might not be acknowledged. Furthermore, SWARM MAG is not obliged to accept every submission. Feel free to contact us with any questions at info@swarmmag.com.

The submission deadline is 18. 10. 2023.

Website ans apply link: https://swarmmag.com/submissions/

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