The Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL) Fellowship

The Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL) is proud to announce that, with the support of our Board of Trustees, the 2025 Fellowship will be tuition free. This decision is guided by CCL’s core value of equity and continues our efforts to remove access barriers for applicants to our program. We are currently pursuing strategic avenues to make this a permanent change for future years of the Fellowship.

In 2007, aware that boards often did not seriously consider curators for leadership positions, Philanthropist Agnes Gund and Curator Elizabeth Easton founded CCL. Now in its 18th year, CCL’s core Fellowship program encompasses mentorships with museum directors, Columbia Business School coursework, and exposure to a wide network of philanthropic and cultural leaders. CCL aims to shape a generation of diverse, leading curators who are equipped with equity-based leadership training, essential management skills, and supportive professional networks that position them both to advance in their careers and excel in museum leadership positions. With its graduates now at the helm of major art institutions worldwide, CCL’s impact is both deep and broad, lifting the museum field as a whole.

About this decision, Ms. Easton, Director and Co-Founder of CCL, said “In a time where institutions are experiencing all kinds of hardships, we want to make sure that we create the conditions where curators can apply to our landmark program regardless of environmental constraints. This initiative embodies CCL’s commitment to creating a curatorial field that is vibrant and sustainable.” Ed Henry, Chair of the Board, added “The Board of Trustees is proud to support this effort to bring greater equity to the museum leadership track.”

CCL recognizes that this change may open new opportunities for curators from many backgrounds and geographies who were previously unable to apply to our program, and in light of that fact we are extending our application deadline to July 22, 2024.


Twelve curators are selected each year for the core CCL fellowship. Applicants must be full-time art museum curators; the ideal candidate demonstrates a track record of success with and commitment to the full range of the curatorial endeavor – management, care, and scholarly study of collections as well as the development and execution of exhibitions, publications, and community programs.

Timeline of Application and Selection of Fellows

The 2025 CCL Fellowship application will open in May 2024.

Online Application Procedures

CCL applications and recommendations are submitted online. Applicants must create an account to access the online application. You can enter information, save, and return anytime before the deadline to edit and continue the application.

Application Requirements

  • General information about yourself and your museum
  • Responses to four short prompts (250-300 words each)
  • Résumé (PDF, no more than three pages)
  • Two confidential recommendations (submitted through an online portal) 


Two recommendations are required for application. One should be from your museum director or, if that is not possible, the most senior person you report to at your institution. The second recommendation should be from a professional colleague from outside your museum. This can be a former supervisor or a peer in the field.

Applicants will enter the information of their two recommenders in the online application. We strongly encourage you to input this information as soon as you begin your application to give your recommenders adequate time to prepare their letters in advance of the deadline. When you click Contact Recommenders, the recommenders will receive an auto generated email with instructions and a link to the online recommendation page. Therefore, you should contact your recommenders and ask them to write on your behalf before you add their contact information to the application. Recommenders can prepare the text in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into the recommendation submission form.

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