The Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program

Since 1967 RAiR has supported over 260 artists with the “Gift of Time”, a unique opportunity to concentrate on their work for an entire year without distraction.

Six artists will each be provided with a three-bedroom home, a 20’ x 30’ studio, a monthly stipend and a materials allowance. Families are welcome to join artists on the 50-acre compound in Roswell, New Mexico.

The residency provides each artist with a comfortable 3-bedroom house with an attached 600 square ft studio with utilities paid plus $1100 a month for residents, plus a new $250 materials stipend for all residents each month is generously provided by the Hammersley Foundation. For artists with partners and families: $100 for partners and each child living on the compound. Spouses and partners who travel with the artist are offered a studio and use of the facilities on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    The studio compound has a woodshop, ceramics studio, litho and etching facilities, and a digital print room. Artists are generally offered an exhibition and lecture during their stay at the Roswell Museum but are not obliged to accept. There are some opportunities to collaborate, teach and work in the Roswell community and there is a casual social schedule but these are optional leaving artists free to structure their time.  Artists are expected to be in residence during their year. We ask that no more than two weeks are spent away from RAiR in a month not totaling more than six weeks for the year.

RAiR also provides facilities to support artistic production including a ceramics studio, woodshop, metal shop, printmaking studio, digital printing room, and access to video production equipment.


  • Contact Information, (email, phone, etc)
  • Artist Bio (100 words)
  • Artist Statement (300 words)
  • Statement of Intent (300 words)
  • 20 images of work or 5 time-based examples.  A combination of still and video files can be submitted, please substitute four stills for each video file.
  • CV/Resume
  • 3 References, contact information only, no letters.

Applications are due by March 15, 2024 at 3 PM

Application period for the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program is currently open until March 15, 2024, 5 PM (Mountain Time). A $25 application fee applies.


For over fifty years the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program has provided talented artists a year-long opportunity to focus on their creative work. The Roswell Residency is not project-based nor engagement driven, providing the artist an opportunity to look inwardly.

The program is solely dedicated to the development of the individual artist. RAiR is perfectly geared to provide unobstructed studio time. Successful residents are self motivated and able to work happily with extended solitude. The nature of the RAiR Fellowship is informal. There are virtually no obligations on the part of the grantees except to respect the facilities and the privacy of the other artists.

The Roswell Museum generally invites fellows to have a solo exhibition of their work toward the end of their stay, however, this opportunity is optional. RAiR’s Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art then offers to purchase a piece from the artist for permanent display.

2024 applicants will be notified with results in late May, 2024.

Six residencies will be staggered throughout the year with start dates between November 1, 2024 and July 1, 2025.

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