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Villa Mathilde is a residency program with the ambition to welcome and nurture the creativity of artists from all backgrounds and disciplines.

The residency is the result of an encounter between Manon Sailly, gallery owner and contemporary art professional, and Mathieu Chavaren, painter and visual artist, united in their desire to offer artists a unique place to work and find inspiration, as well as to contribute in the creation of a community in the Basque Country dedicated to art in all its forms.

The residency is open to established artists as well as young artists and candidates demonstrating great potential for creativity.

The program owes its name from the one engraved on the stone of the 19th-century building housing those “Ateliers” in Arcangues. The Villa is thus part of a specific environment and history, and is rooted in the authentic and exceptional character of the region.

Material and financial resources are provided to support the artist’s approach, but above all to potentially open up new horizons and new spaces for thought. The philosophy of the place is to detach reflective capacity from the obligation to produce, in order to explore new fields that only the location and local exchanges can bring to fruition: to take the time to think and create, while maintaining high artistic standards.

The notion of community and exchange is at the heart of the project. Therefore, it is important in the program’s philosophy to set aside time for encounters with other local artists and art professionals, as well as less initiated audiences (young people, senior citizens or simple amateurs).


Villa Mathilde is a residency program aimed at welcoming and nurturing the creativity of artists from all backgrounds and disciplines.

Two selections take place each year, one in the first quarter and the other in the fall. The application deadlines are as follows:

  • July 30 for session #1
  • February 31 2025 for session #2

Within 20 days after the closing date, candidates will be contacted to inform them of the status of their application. A Zoom interview will be offered to shortlisted candidates.

Please note: In 2024, the focus is on visual arts.

The residency can last from 1 to 3 months depending on the nature of the project and may exceptionally be extended.

During this period, accommodation is provided for the artist, either on-site or in Biarritz, as well as a 90m2 studio. This is located on a 1600m2 plot of land on the edge of the forest and has its own vegetable garden. Access to other facilities on-site is included and encouraged.

Aware of the economic necessities that artists face, the Villa Mathilde program has chosen to grant them a monthly stipend of 1,000 euros gross to cover their expenses.

Transportation costs are not covered. Foreign residents are responsible for obtaining their visa and any insurance or travel documents related to their stay in France.


To apply, please send us a complete PDF (max 15 pages) with the following elements to

  • Personal Information: Name, Age, Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Pitch of your project for the residency (max 800 characters)
  • Brief CV with a description of your artistic practice (max 1200 characters)
  • Project Proposal (max 2 pages) highlighting the project’s specifics related to the Villa Mathilde location, reasons why the project would particularly benefit from the program, and how the project fits into a broader artistic practice
  • Portfolio of artworks (max 6 pages)

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